A few tips for your next flight


Summer is finally here! Chances are, you are flying somewhere this summer, whether to snow in New Zealand or perhaps to spend time with friends or family. Guests on our Lumi Experiences trips often ask for tips about when, where and how to choose flights. Here are a few of our insider tips, specifically for skiers.

Plan ahead - it is almost always less expensive to purchase flights earlier than later. The app Hopper helps predict airfares and suggests the best time to buy.

Use an aggregator - websites like Google Flights aggregate offers from many airlines and can be a quick source to find the best fares. Beware! To offer a low sticker price, many airlines now lead with their “light” fares, which often only include a carry-on. If you plan to bring skis, make sure your ticket includes the baggage allowance you need ahead of time and avoid excess baggage penalties at check-in.

Consider “open jaw” routes - one common myth is that it is always less expensive to buy a round-trip ticket than “open jaw,” where your origin or destination is not the same in both directions. Open jaw routes often cost no more than a regular round-trip ticket. For example, it may cost less to fly into Munich and out of Zurich than it does to fly round-trip to either airport. If you want to visit two different cities at the beginning and end of a trip, check out pricing for the open jaw route. It may cost less than you think!

Collect your miles - Don’t want to take the time to set up a frequent flyer account or take the time to find your number? You may be missing out on future flight deals. The miles you earn from one trip to New Zealand could mean a free flight to Yellowstone Camp next fall.

Offset your carbon - as skiers, we often see the impacts of climate change. Air travel seriously increases your carbon footprint. Can you carpool or drive to that ski destination? If you must fly, most airlines give you the option to offset your flight emissions. It’s a small step, but go ahead and check that box.

Hopefully these tips help as you search for flights to your next adventure!