Monday - Munich to Seefeld
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Monday - Munich to Seefeld

Welcome to Munich!
Today we travel from Munich to Seefeld for the start of the Seefeld-Engadin trip.

1:30 PM - Bus pick-up at Munich Airport
For guests arriving at the airport on Tuesday, March 6, our coach bus will meet you at the arrival terminal 1D before picking up the rest of the group in Munich. **Note: this time is 30 minutes earlier than the original schedule, as the flight arrivals we received were not late enough to warrant a 2:00 pm departure. If you are planning to get picked up at the airport, please let Garrott know, so the bus does not leave without you.

2:30 PM - Bus pick-up at Hotel Stadt Rosenheim in Munich
For guests spending time in Munich before our trip, our coach bus will arrive at the Hotel Stadt Rosenheim (Orleansplatz 6a), across from the Ostbahnhof (East Train Station) to pick you up around 2:30 PM. Our bus will be able to make restrooms stops along the way.

Your trip leaders will meet you on the bus and give you a brief overview of the trip en route. You can let them know which style skiing you prefer to do tomorrow (skate or classic) and they will prepare your skis this evening.

5:00 PM - Arrive at Hotel St Peter in Seefeld
Settle in to your accommodation in Seefeld for the next week. Your trip leaders will take your skis and equipment to scrape off travel wax and prepare your skis for the week ahead. If you have time before your trip, it is helpful if you label your skis and poles with your name and style (skate or classic) -- especially if you have skis & poles for two people in one bag.

6:00 PM - Welcome reception & dinner at Hotel St Peter
We will have a brief welcome reception followed by dinner at our hotel.

Sleep well after your travels and sweet dreams for the week ahead!


Hotel St Peter
Möserer Str. 53
6100 Seefeld in Tirol
+43 (0) 5212 45550

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Tuesday - Skiing in Leutasch
12:00 AM00:00

Tuesday - Skiing in Leutasch

Welcome to Seefeld!
Today we’ll ski in Leutasch and familiarize ourselves with the local trail network.

This evening, travel by train to Innsbruck for a brief walking tour and chance to explore the Olympic host city.

7:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel St Peter opens
Enjoy breakfast at your leisure.

9:30 AM - Morning route review
We will meet this morning for a brief overview of the day, then take a short walk (~ 200m) to a bus stop and shuttle to Leutasch.

We recommend simply walking in your ski boots, though there is some gravel on the roads that could scuff your boot soles. If you prefer, you could also wear shoes to leave at the trail head and carry your ski boots.

You are also welcome to relax at the hotel or stroll through Seefeld this morning instead of skiing — it’s your vacation!

Ski in Leutasch
The ski shuttle will drop us off in Leutasch (Alpenbad Parkplatz) this morning. We recommend one of two options for skiing:
Option 1: Skiing on a flat trail along a stream in the Leutasch Valley (trails A6 & A5)
Option 2: Skiing uphill to a plateau (trail C9)
Your trip leaders will each be on one of the options, though you are welcome to ski at your leisure on any trails you wish. There are several trail-side huts in Leutasch where you may choose to stop for lunch.

Return to Seefeld
There are regular shuttle buses returning to Seefeld. The ride takes around 15 minutes, followed by a short walk back to Hotel St Peter.

Relax in Seefeld
Return to Seefeld in time to kick back and relax. Perhaps a nap is in order to recover from your travels.

4:30 PM - Travel to Innsbruck for the evening
We will meet in the hotel lobby at 4:30 pm for an evening train to Innsbruck. The train ride from Seefeld to Innsbruck takes a scenic 35 minutes. We will have a brief tour of Innsbruck to help orient you within the city.

6:00 PM - Time to explore Innsbruck & dinner on your own
You are free to explore Innsbruck at your leisure. Your trip leaders can make several restaurant recommendations, based on your wishes. This evening, dinner in Innsbruck is on your own.

You are also welcome to stay at the hotel this evening, or travel back after the walking tour in time for dinner at the hotel. A train back to Seefeld leaves the Innsbruck station at 7:08 pm.

7:30 PM or 8:00 PM - Travel back to Seefeld
After your evening in Innsbruck, your trip leaders will meet you in Innsbruck, at the same point where the walking tour finishes, at either 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm to walk back to the train station and travel back to Seefeld.

If you wish to stay later in Innsbruck on your own, the last train to Seefeld departs the station at 11:08 pm.

Leutasch Ski Trail Recommendations:
Flat recommendation:
Trail A6
Hilly recommendation: Trail C9

Leutasch Tuesday Map.JPG

Seefeld / Leutasch Trail Overview Map:

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Wednesday - Mösern & Wildmoos
12:00 AM00:00

Wednesday - Mösern & Wildmoos

Good morning!
A longer ski is planned for today, so you can explore the trails and sample the food in some of the huts around Seefeld.

This evening, we have a special Tyrolean activity planned at our hotel before dinner.

7:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel St Peter opens
Enjoy breakfast at your leisure.

9:30 AM - Brief pre-ski route review
Meet by the fireplace wearing your ski clothes for a brief route review before we head out skiing. We will walk to the bus stop where we travel a short distance to the village of Mösern.

Today, our plan is to spend a longer day skiing on the trails, making time for a lunch stop at one of several huts along the way.

Our ski today begins from the Seewald Alm (hut 15) alpine ski area on trail B1. We then connect to trail B10 and begin a long climb. We are rewarded with a refreshing downhill to the Lottensee (hut 17).

From the Lottensee, our trip leaders will split into two groups:
A shorter option will take trail C11 to trail B3 and finish at the Wildmoos Alm (hut 3). Affectionately known as the "Wild Moose," the alm is a little rough around the edges. It is filled with enough sports paraphalalia and animal mounts to compete with most bars in northern Wisconsin. The schnapps fountain and apple strudel tray are something unique to the Wild Moose--perfect for refueling after your ski.

Buses run from the Wildmoos Alm to Seefeld almost every 15 minutes.

A longer option will briefly take trail C11 from Lottensee, then turn left onto C6. A short, steep climb is rewarded with a long, winding downhill to our recommended lunch stop: the Ropferstubn (hut 19). They are known for their Austrian cuisine, including heaping plates of Kaiserschmarrn--fried pancakes.

After lunch, we continue on trail C6, before briefly connecting to A4. The Muggenmoos Alm (hut 56), is a small hut to visit for a cold beer, but they have only a small selection of food. From A4, connect to C8, back to B3 and finish at the Wildmoos Alm (hut 3). This is another good hut to visit, before taking the bus back down to Seefeld (approx. 10 minutes).

Relax in the afternoon at the hotel after returning from your ski.

6:30 PM - Tyrolean Culture
Our trip leaders will share some language tips with us throughout the trip. However, language, food and skiing are only a part of the Austrian culture. A trip to Tyrol would not be complete without this surprise activity.

After our activity, we have a meal in our hotel.

Today’s Ski Trail Recommendations:
Shorter: B1 -> B10 -> C11 -> B3 -> Hut 3 (Wildmoos Alm)
Longer: B1 -> B10 -> C11 -> C6 -> Hut 19 (Ropferstubn) -> A4 -> C8 -> C11 -> B3 -> Hut 3 (Wildmoos Alm)

Mosern - Wildmoos Wednesday Map.JPG
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Thursday - Travel to the Engadin Valley in Switzerland
12:00 AM00:00

Thursday - Travel to the Engadin Valley in Switzerland

And we’re off!
This morning we pack up and depart Seefeld for the Engadin Valley. We will take a funicular to the top of the Muottas Muragl mountain, overlooking the valley and sled back down, before a short ski back to our hotel.

7:30 AM - Breakfast and Hotel St Peter
Enjoy breakfast at your leisure.

10:00 AM - Checkout and departure
We say so long to the St Peter, Seefeld and Austria this morning, as we travel by coach bus into Switzerland.

1:00 PM - Arrive in the Engadin Valley
Our bus will bring us to the Muottas Muragl funicular for a trip to the top of the mountain overlooking the Engadin valley. On a clear day, there is perhaps no better place to orient yourself with the region.
The restaurant atop the mountain offers several options for lunch.

After lunch, you may want to kick back in the sun chairs or explore their igloo before sledding back to the valley. We will sled back to the valley on Rodels--traditional alpine sleds. Another option is to take the funicular back to the valley below.

Our hotel is a short 5 km ski from the Muottas Muragl station along the Engadin ski trail. You may choose to get in a few more kilometers today or simply ski to our hotel. A brief train ride also takes you directly from Muottas Muragl directly to Samedan, where our hotel is about a 300m walk from the train station.

The afternoon is yours to relax or explore the town of Samedan, our home for the next four nights. Our stay includes entry to Samedan’s mineral baths, a short walk from our hotel.

According to its website: “The Mineral bath and Spa Samedan is located in the town center of the historical village of Samedan and built directly onto the town’s landmark- protected Church. It is Switzerland’s first vertically built mineral bath & spa. Every bathing room, from the bathing pools to the walls and ceilings, is finished off with elaborate glazed mosaic tiles. The carefully chosen blend of colors, together with the internal lighting design, creates the mystical mood setting. The bathing experience is spread out over five stories including the roof where one can bathe outside under the church tower with a view of the Alps.”

…this is an excellent opportunity to relax this afternoon.

7:30 PM - Dinner at Hotel Donatz
Our hotel has a special welcome dinner planned for us before settling in for the evening.

Today’s ski from Muottas Muragl to Samedan:
(Sledding trial in red)

Muottas Muragl to Samedan.JPG

Link to Detailed Map of Engadin Valley Ski Trails (for download).

Walk from the ski trail (800m) and train station (300m) to Hotel Donatz (57):

Samedan Map.JPG
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Friday - Ski from St Moritz to Samedan & Night Sprints
12:00 AM00:00

Friday - Ski from St Moritz to Samedan & Night Sprints

Visit St Moritz, ski to Samedan and Engadin Night Sprints
Today, we take the 20 minute bus ride from Samedan to St Moritz Bad. From there, we ski one of the most scenic sections of the marathon, stopping for a bite at restaurant Lej da Staz along the way.

In the evening, we travel back into St Moritz for the Night Springs.

7:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel Donatz
Breakfast is available from 7:30 AM at Hotel Donatz

9:30 AM - Ski St Moritz & Pontresina to Samedan
We will meet briefly this morning, before taking the bus from Samedan to St Moritz (approx 20 min). Explore the self proclaimed "Top of the World" and experience the pre-race atmosphere.

We will ski one of the most scenic sections of the Engadin race course and preview the infamous "mattress downhill." Along the way, we recommend stopping at Restaurant Lej da Staz for lunch. You may choose to extend your ski by skiing through Pontresina, or head directly back to your hotel. There are many options for keeping your ski short or extending your route today.

In the afternoon, relax at the hotel or in the mineral baths across the street.

6:00 PM - Depart for Night Sprints in St Moritz
As part of the race week festivities, the Engadin offers Night Sprints for elite skiers in St Moritz Bad at 7:00 pm. The festive atmosphere under the lights makes for an entertaining evening. There are food tents available to grab a bite at the sprints, or try one of the restaurants in St Moritz for dinner. This evening’s dinner is on your own. Your trip leaders are happy to make restaurant recommendations and reservations.

Return to our hotel at your leisure by train or bus after the races, a short 15 minute ride from St Moritz.

St Moritz to Samedan Ski:

St Moritz to Samedan.JPG

St Mortiz Bad - Night Sprints:

St Moritz Bad Night Sprints.JPG
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Saturday - Ski from Samedan
12:00 AM00:00

Saturday - Ski from Samedan

Pre-Event Day
Take an easy day today to prepare for the Engadin tomorrow however you wish. We have a short ski planned from Samedan and time to visit the Expo in St Moritz Bad for bib pickup and Worldloppet Passport holder reception (you do not need a passport to attend). We will have a special pre-race dinner at our hotel.

7:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel Donatz
Breakfast is available from 7:30 am at Hotel Donatz

9:30 AM - Ski from Samedan
We will meet briefly at our hotel this morning, before heading out for a ski. Ski as long or as short as you wish today. We recommend skiing approximately 10km to Zuoz or 15km to the Engadin finish in S-chanf, before taking the train back to Samedan. There are several villages with good lunch stops along the way, or grab a bite when you return to Samedan.

Another option, if you do not wish to ski tomorrow’s course, is to take the trail from Samedan up the Bever Valley to Spinas on an out-and-back trail.

2:00 PM - You may choose to visit the Worldloppet passport holder reception at the Corviglia Tennis Center in St Moritz Bad. The bus is the easiest way to get there and back.

In the afternoon, relax at the hotel or in the spa across the street while we take care of ski prep for tomorrow's marathon.

7:00 PM - Dinner at Hotel Donatz
Enjoy a pre-race dinner at our hotel this evening

Ski from Samedan to Zuoz or S-chanf:

Samedan to S-chanf.JPG
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Sunday - Engadin Ski Marathon
12:00 AM00:00

Sunday - Engadin Ski Marathon

Engadin Ski Marathon
Today’s event is the Engadin Ski Marathon. Enjoy the 42km ski through the Engadin Valley and celebrate together afterwards!

5:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel Donatz
Our hotel opens its breakfast early today in preparation for the marathon.

6:30 AM - Depart by train to St Moritz and pre-event shuttle to Maloja
We begin early today, taking the train and bus to the start, along with 14,000 other skiers, experiencing the efficiency of the Swiss transportation infrastructure.

8:30 - 9:23 AM - Races start in Maloja
The majority of the citizen waves start at 8:45 AM in Maloja. Ski the 42km marathon, finishing in S-chanf, or the 21km half-marathon, finishing in Pontresina.

If you ski the half-marathon, you can take the train or shuttle bus to S-chanf to celebrate the event with the rest of our group. It is also a short ski or bus to our hotel, if you prefer heading there instead.

Races finish in S-chanf
Kick back and raise a glass together at the finish. We will be in one of the tents celebration after the event. You may wish to head back to the hotel to kick your feet up right after your race, or celebrate with the group. It’s up to you. Afterwards, there is a train that takes you directly from the finish in S-chanf back to Samedan.

The late-afternoon is yours to do what you wish.

7:00 PM - Farewell dinner at Hotel Donatz
This evening, we will meet before dinner to raise a glass to our week in Austria and Switzerland. Afterwards, a special dinner is planned at our hotel.

Engadin Marathon Course:

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Monday - Engadin to Zurich
12:00 AM00:00

Monday - Engadin to Zurich

“Auf wiedersehen!” … Austrian & Swiss for, “until we see each other again!” Check out of our hotel rooms early and head to Zurich by train and bus.

Breakfast and check-out of Hotel Donatz
We will have an early breakfast this morning, before loading our luggage onto a coach bus at our hotel at 7:00 am. We then board the Glacier Express train from Samedan station for a 7:16 am departure. The Glacier Express takes us along the impressive UNESCO World Heritage train route between St Moritz and Chur. Our bus picks us up in Chur with our luggage and drives us directly to the Zurich Airport, arriving by 11:00 am.

Several guests have flights earlier than 12:55 pm today. We recommend taking an earlier train departing Samedan at 6:08 am with your luggage, to arrive at the Zurich airport by 9:42 am. If your flight departs earlier than 12:55 pm today, please communicate with Garrott for travel recommendations.

11:00 AM - Arrive at Zurich Airport
We will arrive at Zurich Airport around 11:00 am. The bus will drop off any guests flying out today.

Afterwards, our bus will continue to the Zurich Main Train Station to drop off any guests spending more time in Zurich. From the train station, public transportation and taxis are available to accommodations in Zurich.

Check the Zurick City Information sheet for recommendations during your time there. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Switzerland and safe travels home!

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