Seefeld World Championships Pre-Departure Information
Here are a few pieces of information as you make your final preparations for the trip.

Here is a link to your detailed trip itinerary. There may be additional updates and changes as the trip approaches. This itinerary should give you a detailed overview of your trip.

We recommend adding the itinerary to the home screen of your mobile phone or tablet for easy access during the trip. It will look like an app on screen.

Android (Chrome): Tap the “Customize and Control” button (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of your web browser, then tap “Add to Home screen.”

iPhone (Safari): Tap the “Action" button (box with upward arrow) on the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Add to Homescreen” button.

Communication on tour

We highly recommend having a WhatsApp account for communication on tour. WhatsApp is a simple, free way to communicate with your trip leaders and other WhatsApp users. If you do not have a WhatsApp account, you can download it and set it up before the trip.

We will make a group for communicating and sharing photos while on tour. If you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group, please send Garrott your phone number before the trip.

What to Expect
This is your vacation. We hope that you can enjoy it at your leisure. We are here to support you along the way.

A typical day always starts with a hearty breakfast at our hotel. Our trip leaders will share an overview of the following day most evenings. More detailed recommendations for trails and stops will be provided in the morning. Your skis will be prepared and ready for you in the morning, usually waiting in the hotel’s ski room. You can let us know in the evening if you prefer to classic or skate ski the next day. We will also have an area designated in the ski room where you can put the skis you would like to use the next day.

Each day, you are free to ski at your leisure. During the championships, all of the ski trails in Seefeld are closed, so we take shuttle buses to- and from our daily ski trails. Most of the trails where we ski have huts where you can stop for snacks or lunch.

Our hotel is only a short walk from the race stadium. We have tickets to all events in the A - Grandstand of the stadium, offering views of the two most critical climbs on the course, as well as the jumbo-tron and finishing stretch. The seats are on a first-come, first serve basis. We will often be walking to the stadium together, but you will have your own tickets and are free to head to the stadium whenever you wish. The tickets are also valid to in the general admission trail-side areas, if you wish to be closer to the action.

After the races, it is a short walk back to our hotel or Seefeld. Hotel St Peter has a sauna, pool and wellness area for you to relax after your time outside. If you would like to book a massage or treatment during your stay, you can book that with the hotel directly or let Garrott know before your departure. Our hotels recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance. Your trip leaders can help facilitate these reservations during the trip.

Hotel St Peter is also within walking distance of town, so you may also choose to explore your surroundings on your own. If you would like to do other activities outside our planned itinerary, please let your trip leaders know. They can help facilitate other experiences & activities, such as alpine skiing, during your trip.

Some evenings, we have included activities before dinner. All of the activities are optional, but we would love to have you join us. Dinners typically start between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm at our hotel, with several options for meals. Drinks or other charges at the hotel are not included in the trip cost. They can simply be charged to your room and paid for at checkout. In the evening, our trip leaders will typically give you an overview of what to expect the next day.

Minimizing Jet Lag
Traveling overseas is never easy, especially when you are aiming to be fit and healthy upon arrival. The US Ski Team has published recommendations for athletes to minimize jet lag. We recommend reviewing their suggestions to help minimize the effects of jet lag before and after your trip to Europe.

Arrival in Munich
Most of our travelers are arriving in Munich at least a day before the trip. Your best options for getting from the airport to the city are train or taxi. Trains travel from the Munich Airport Station into the city every 20 minutes during the day. The cost for the ticket is €11.60 for a one-way ticket or €13.00 for a ticket valid for the full day on all of Munich’s public transportation network. We recommend simply purchasing the day pass. The staff at the train ticket desks in Munich speak English and can help you purchase the right tickets. There is no need to purchase the ticket ahead of time. If you are staying at the Hotel Stadt Rosenheim (Orleansplatz 6A), you can exit at the Ostbahnhof Station. The hotel is right across the street when you exit the station. Train schedules can be found online:
Munich Public Transport:
German Railway:
Austrian Railway:

Taxis are also available at the airport. The cost is around 50 Euros for a taxi to the city center.

For guests meeting us at the Munich Airport, our coach bus will be picking us up at 1:00 PM at the Arrival Terminal 1D. ***Please let Garrott know in advance, if you plan to be picked up at the airport, so we do not leave without you.

For guests meeting us in Munich, our bus will be picking us up outside the Hotel Stadt Rosenheim (Orleansplatz 6a) around 2:00 PM.

Packing list
Here is our recommended packing list. We recommend packing enough clothes for the full trip. A boot drying room is available in some of our hotels. A self-service and wash & fold service laundromat is available in Seefeld and is within a 10 minute walk from our hotel. Your trip leaders can help facilitate laundry services. Please let us know if it looks like we forgot something for the list.

All breakfasts and dinners at our hotel are included in the trip. The evening we go to Innsbruck, we recommend having dinner on your own in one of the local restaurants and can offer recommendations. If you prefer to have the included dinner in our hotel in Seefeld, you are welcome to do so.

As most ski hotels in the alps host guests for a week at a time, it is common for them to rotate the menu so that we have new choices nightly. Restaurant options in Seefeld outside of hotels are limited. If you choose to try other restaurants during the trip, we are happy to share our recommendations.

Lunches during the trip are on your own. We will have recommendations for you daily.

Trip Leaders
We will have two trip leaders supporting us throughout the trip, in addition to Lumi Experiences founder Garrott Kuzzy.

Holly Brooks, originally from Seattle, now living in Anchorage, is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable, fun-loving skiers in the world. Her ski racing career included competing in both the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games, as well as 2011 and 2013 World Championships and an American Birkebeiner victory in 2012. Holly now spends her time in Anchorage raising twins, running her company, Holly Brooks LLC focused on counseling, consulting and coaching, and earning a masters in counseling. Ask about her about any of her favorite stories.

Raphi Bechtiger, from Tyrol, has spent most of his years and free time skiing, climbing and running through the Alps. As a coach at Stamms, the world's oldest ski academy, Raphi spends most of his waking hours outside. Ask Raphi about the two years he spent saying "ya to da U.P., eh?" or his adventures traveling through the US National Parks in a van last summer.

It is customary to express a personal ‘thank you’ to your trip leaders at the end of your trip, especially if they have provided you with excellent service or individual assistance. We recommend about 10 Euros per guest, for each day of your trip, for each Trip Leader.

All gratuities for transportation, breakfasts and dinners are included in the cost of your trip.

For meals on your own, tipping in Austria usually ranges from one Euro for service at a simple restaurant up to 10% for excellent service at a nice restaurant. In case you pay with credit card, we recommend leaving your tip in cash, as you cannot write in an additional tip on the receipt.

Cash and Credit Cards
Banks with ATMs are available in Munich, Innsbruck and Seefeld. We recommend taking out cash from ATMs using a debit card as fees are typically lower than with a credit card. Local tip: by choosing “Note Mix” on the ATM, you can usually choose the denomination of bills you receive. Stores and restaurants often appreciate when you pay with small denominations, such as 10 and 20 Euro notes, so they do not need to break large bills.

For purchases, credit cards and debit cards usually work the same. We also recommend calling your bank and credit card company before the trip to let them know you will be traveling abroad.

Most of the trail-side huts where you might stop for lunch only accept cash. We recommend carrying cash and coins with you on the trail. Most restaurants and stores in towns will accept credit and debit cards, as well as cash.

Electronics and Staying Connected
Smartphones and internet have made traveling easier. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Hotel St Peter has wireless internet throughout the building. As they are built for leisure travelers, there is not a public computer available. You may choose to bring a laptop. We have found that smartphones and tablets typically suffice for most people on a ski vacation.

Austria and Germany both use 230 volt electric current. Most electronics are dual voltage and simply require a plug adapter. We recommend bringing at least two North America to Central Europe adapters with you to charge your electronics.

As the hotel has wireless internet, you do not need cell service to use the internet on your smartphone in the hotel. However, phone calls will not work without an international plan. Most US cell phone service providers offer the option to upgrade to an international plan during a trip. You can contact your provider for more information.

Another option is to purchase a SIM card in Europe. A European SIM card costs around 10 Euros for one month of service within Europe. While you cannot call the US with the European SIM card, you can access the internet via 3G connection almost everywhere. With that connection, you can make phone calls using Skype or access Google Maps for navigation, almost everywhere we travel on the trip. Your trip leaders can help you find and set-up a SIM card in Seefeld.

We recommend having a Skype account to make phone calls to the US, as it is generally less expensive than calling internationally.

For on tour communication, we highly recommend having a WhatsApp account for communication on tour. WhatsApp is a simple, free way to communicate with your trip leaders and other WhatsApp users. If you do not have a WhatsApp account, you can download it and set it up before the trip. We will make a group for communicating and sharing photos while on tour. If you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group, please send Garrott your phone number before the trip.

Safety on tour
Safety and health for all our guests on tour is very important to us. Our trip leaders will review skiing safety with us at the start of our trip. Wearing warm, dry clothes and layering while outdoors, as well as washing your hands and using hand sanitizer regularly, will help keep you healthy during our trip. If, at any point, you do not feel safe, healthy or prefer not to ski for whatever reason, please let your trip leaders know immediately. In case of emergency, we recommend saving this Emergency Contact Information.

The emergency phone number in Europe is 112.

We will be taking photos and/or video records on tour that may be used to for future promotional and/or commercial purposes. While Lumi Experiences reserves the right to use these records, we aim to respect your privacy as well. Please let us know if you prefer that we do not use photos or film of you and we will do our best to honor your request. We are also happy to share our photos with travelers during and/or after the trip.

We will be waxing your skis during the trip. Please let your trip leaders know in the evening if you prefer to skate or classic ski the next day and we will have your skis ready for you in the morning. There will also be a designated space in the wax room for you to leave the skis you wish to have prepared for the next day.

Due to variable trail conditions in Seefeld this time of year, we recommend using skate skis or waxless (skin) classic skis. Our trip leaders will not be servicing classic wax during the trip, however, a basic selection of classic waxes is available, if you choose to wax your own skis. We ask that you please arrive at morning departure times with your classic skis waxed for the day, and carry a cork and waxes for the day with you.

If you are flying with your skis, using travel wax is recommended to keep the bases fresh, but not necessary. We will be cleaning and travel waxing your skis before your flight home.

One of our partners,, has offered Lumi guests a 20% discount on their products, including Start ski wax, Bliz eyewear, Swenor rollerskis and Anti-Freeze clothing. You can use the discount code “Lumi” to receive the discount.

Contact us
If there is anything we can do to help improve your experience, please let us know at any time. You may contact us before your trip:

Via email:
In North America at: +1 612 214 2861
In Europe at: +43 664 487 5005
On WhatsApp: +1 612 214 2861

On tour, you can also share your questions, feedback and ideas with your trip leaders or Garrott directly.

After the trip, we will be sending a survey where you can share your feedback directly with Lumi Experiences.

Share your experience
Lumi Experiences is also on social media.  Visit our Facebook page and Instagram to see our updates. Feel free to post on our Facebook wall or with the tag #lumiexperiences.

We aim to avoid advertising, in order to help keep trip costs lower. Any word-of-mouth recommendations are greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!