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Wednesday - Wildmoos, Ropferstubn & Leutasch

Good morning!
A longer ski is planned for today, so you can explore the trails and sample the food in some of the huts around Seefeld.

This evening, we have a special Tyrolean activity planned at our hotel before dinner.

7:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel St Peter opens
Enjoy breakfast at your leisure.

9:30 AM - Brief pre-ski route review
Meet by the fireplace wearing your ski clothes for a brief route review before we head out skiing. We will walk to the bus stop, this time taking the bus to the Wildmoos trailhead.

Today, our plan is to spend a longer day skiing on the trails, making time for a lunch stop at the Ropferstubn, a hut with breathtaking views, and perhaps another hut or two along the way.

Our ski today begins from the Wildmoos trailhead (hut 3). We start with a brief warm-up on A3 before heading out B3 to C11. From there, we take C6 to Ropferstubn (hut 19). Ropferstuben is perhaps our favorite hut in Seefeld, offering a full selection of traditional warm dishes. From here, options include taking the Katzenloch classic-only trail (double-poling and herringbone on skate skis is okay, too) or for a little more skiing, take C6 to A4, then cruise downhill on C10 to Moos, taking trails A5 and A6 back to the Alpenbad parking lot, where we took the bus home yesterday.

Relax in the afternoon at the hotel after returning from your ski.

6:30 PM - Tyrolean Culture
Our trip leaders will share some language tips with us throughout the trip. However, language, food and skiing are only a part of the Austrian culture. A trip to Tyrol would not be complete without this surprise activity.

After our activity, we have a meal in our hotel.

Today’s Ski Trail Recommendations:
Begin at Wildmoos (hut 3): A3 warm-up loop, B3 -> C11 -> C6 -> Ropferstubn (hut 19).

Classic option: B5
Longer option: C6 -> A4 -> C10

Then, A5 -> A6, finishing at the Alpenbad

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